Rat Control Service

Baiting - How Does Baiting Work?

In this, the rodents are baited by using attractive food items & use special anti-coagulant rodenticides mixed with a bait material that is very attractive to rodents. Baits are checked and replenished periodically to ensure that all rodents eat the bait.

Rat Treatment

How does Rat Treatment Works?

In this, the common entry points of rodents such as drainage pipe, gas pipes, and openings in the structure/grounds are blocked using rodent guard. Depending upon the findings the rodent traps can also be placed

Advantages of Rat Teatment

Since the entry points of rodents gets blocked, they cannot enter your premises and cause damage.

Rodent Repell for Car

Rat Repell Service

  • Rats are a nuisance to human beings. They often enter the compound of the society and damage the wires of the parked cars in the society compound.
  • They also make bough row in the gardens and causes many diseases. We have come out with an effective rat repellent solution for this type of problem to the wires of your precious cars.
  • As we know that the rats are mammals and they have the habit of chewing the wires called gnawing to sharpen the teeth thus damaging the wires of the cars.
  • We apply a special bitrex chemical which is bitter in taste thus causing a deterrent to rats and they avoid chewing the wires.
This service is backed by our six months warranty provides the car is not washed or cleaned.

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We are licensed pest control operator in Mumbai issued by the state government of Maharashtra.

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